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T-s diagram, Temperature-entropy diagram, h-s diagram, Enthalpy-entropy diagram, Psychrometric diagram

T-s chart, Temperature-entropy chart, h-s chart, Enthalpy-entropy chart, Psychrometric chart








  1. Dry Bulb Temperature

  2. Web Bulb Temperature

  3. Absolute Humidity Ratio

  4. Relative Humidity

  5. Specific Enthalpy

  6. Specific Volume

  7. Sensible Heat Factor

  8. Enthalpy-Humidity Difference Ratio

  9. Vapor Pressure

10. Mole Fraction Ratio of Vapor

11. Dew Point Temperature

12. Degree of Saturation

13. Density

14. Specific Entropy

15. Specific Exergy

16. Contact Factor

17. Uncomfort Index

18. Discomposition Index

19. Predicted Mean Vote Index

20. Predicted Percent Dissatisfied

21. Apparatus Dew Point Temperature (CF)

22. Apparatus Dew Point Temperature (SHF)

23. Volume Flow Rate

24. Mass Flow Rate of Dry Air

25. Mass Flow Rate of Humidity

26. Enthalpy Flow Rate

27. Entropy Flow Rate

28. Exergy Flow Rate

29. (De)Humidification Mass Flow Rate

30. Heat Flow Rate

31. Sensible Heat Flow Rate

32. Latent Heat Flow Rate