The softwares can draw various property lines and analyze various energy systems.

  The softwares supports free diagram. You can select various property lines, chart ranges, line colors, and conversion of various units. Also, you can input your property symbol and your property name, and you can view all the property values according to the moving of mouse through data viewer button.

  The system analysis and system design using the software are accomplished with only state, process, mixing, and splite dialog boxes which are not related with any equipment.  Only if you select three properties in various properties, the software automatically calculates all the other properties, draws point, draw line, and displays its name, symbol, and data with trackers.  At any time, you can adjust the position of each object, redesign each data , and redecorate all graphics such as color, size, font, Etc.  The types of data which you should input in dialog box are composed with constant, function, and points.  Especially, you can link with previous or subsequent data through a function editor, and you can design the change according to various conditions such as a change of time through a point editor.  If you click "excel" button, all the designed data are exported to MS-Excel.  Additionally, the software offers the button of "Redo/Undo" on designed data. If you present system analysis and design using the software, you can quickly explain all the design process through these buttons.

  The software supports the features of MS-Office.  You can insert many files through insert new file butten and many pages through new page button, decorate pages graphically through figure button such as rectangle, arrow, text, or OLE, present the contents with full screen through slide show button, export a part or all contents to clipboard or save to picture file through copy button, and print on paper or to PDF file through print button.  Also, you can use the functions of Undo(Ctrl+Z), Redo(Ctrl+Y), Delete(Del), Cut(Ctrl+X), Copy(Ctrl+C), Paste(Ctrl+V), Format Painter, Snap, Grid, Group, Ungroup, Order of figures, Etc.

  Various kinds of properties analysis and various kinds of lines drawing

  User free set-up on the chart ranges, units, and decorations

  Analysis and design with only state, process, mixing, and splite dialog boxes

  Auto analysis and drawing according to the change of user fucntions or curve fittings

  Quick design process presentation with redo and undo buttons

  Auto or user decoration on designed data

  Exporting all design data to notepad or excel program

  Multi-files, multi-pages, various figures insertion, and slide show such as MS-Office

  Copy to clipboard, Save as picture file, print on paper or PDF file






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