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Cost Allocation of Cooling / Heating for Air Conditioning Systems

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Our government will make a plan regulating the cooling limit temperature of the summer season to 26 degree and the heating limit temperature of the winter season to 20 degree for energy saving. Where, the key point of this politic pursuit can be the charge system on heating and cooling cost. We have suggested a new cost allocation methodology as a wonergy method in the precedent study, and preformed the cost allocation of the electricity and the heat produced in various cogenerations. In this study, the wonergy method was applied to four kind of warm air in air-conditioning system, and each heating cost of the warm air were allocated. As a result, the more energy a customer saved, the more heating cost decreased, and the more energy a customer consumed, the more heating cost increased. From this analysis, we hope that the suggested methodology can offer a theoretical basis to the politic pursuit of government, and induce the spontaneous energy saving of consumers.

Key words: Exergy, PPD, Cool air, Warm air, Cooling cost, Heating cost, Unit cost, Cost allocation


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